Masked Tityra
Tityra semifasciata
The Masked Tityra (Tityra semifasciata) occurs in Mexico within 250 miles of Brownsville, Texas. The bird in the top 4 shots at right was found by birders on 17 February 1990 in Bentsen Rio Grande State Park, Hidalgo Co., Texas. It was the 1st, and remains the only time the species has been recorded north of the Mexican border. These shots were taken on 20 February 1990 with a Canon T-90 & FD 400 mm F4.5 lens with a 1.4X extender mounted on a tripod with Kodachrome 64 film with available light. This bird was last reported on 10 March 1990. Scroll down for some more recent images of this species in Mexico.
The next 18 images of Masked Tityra were taken in southern Tamaulipas, Mexico, in May, 2007. This pair of birds was feeding youngsters inside a nest cavity. The female has a more brownish crown and back than the male.